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Mother’s Birthday

Celebrate your mom’s birthday with a personalised gift

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A mother is the closest thing to magic and to bask in her warmth is to experience a miracle unlike any other. She gives us her unconditional love, looks after our well being with the kind of patience that words can never truly convey. Celebrate your mother’s birthday in a way no one else can — give her a gift that reflects your mom’s unique place in your life. Pen aur Paper’s personalised gifts are ideal for gifting to Indian mothers on their birthday. Choose from a wide range of all the popular chalisas that are available in the form of gift sets, beautifully designed for making your celebrations memorable. These are more than gifts — it’s a promise of love and devotion that lasts a lifetime. Motherhood is a spiritual journey, and as a mother, women find their inner strength and their true needs. They always choose their child’s comfort and happiness above their own. So, when a child returns her love with a gift that’s as special as her, she is reminded once again why mothers are considered to be the greatest gifts of the divine.
Mother's Birthday
August 22, 2021

Shubh Timings:
August 22, 6:13 AM - August 22, 5:31 PM