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Gift your loved ones some of the most revered chalisas, holy books, and devotional gifts personalised for you.

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Pen aur Paper believes in crafting luxury stationery gifting boxes and gift sets to brighten up your celebrations.

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Shri Hanuman Bhakti Sangrah

Give the gift of devotion to your loved ones.

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Luxury, devotion, and creativity find a new home for everyone who loves personalised gifting, at Pen aur Paper. Gifts can be customised with a name, a special message, and a photograph. We offer an exclusive range of beautifully designed chalisas and other devotional books that combine tradition and contemporary design. These are perfect as gifts for your loved ones, elders, grandparents, parents, or relatives, as much as they are for friends. We hope you have a great experience with our products and find something that you can cherish for a lifetime.