gagan dhawan

Anybody can say that they want to be a successful entrepreneur. But very few selfless and hardworking ones like Gagan Dhawan can become truly successful. His excellence in the business skills he possesses and his innovative ideas have helped him to achieve this. The products and services offered by the businesses owned by Gagan Dhawan have the quality that customers and end-users deserve. Presently he is also a shareholder in multiple reputed companies. He had started his career by setting up a printing press, and after making it a success, he has accumulated interest in different sectors. 

Gagan Dhawan has perfect interpersonal and marketing skills through which he is running successful businesses. Quality is never compromised while serving the end-user. Be his printing business or stationery businesses, the success is visible. Pen Aur Paper is one of the biggest brands in the Devotional Books industry. One can find devotional books related to Chalisa, Saar, Kaand, etc. To name a few, Gagan Dhawan Has Divine Bhakti Box which contains 15 Chalisa and 1 Geeta Saar which is the perfect gift to grandfather. All the books are having top-notch quality with perfect packing and shipping. Gagan Dhawan personally looks int the quality & performance of all the books designed in his own printing house. One can find his collection at

Quality is our priority.

Our products come with the utmost quality at the most competitive prices. Our ultimate goal is not about finding profit but finding happiness and satisfaction on the faces of those who use our products. In the market place, happiness is reached when the products are of the highest quality for a relatively lower price. We follow the ethics of delivering happiness along with our premium quality products. 

How proud we are for our products

With this mindset in manufacturing, we are confident that we deliver the highest quality products. Delivering the highest quality products, no one can be prouder than us for the quality and the services we offer to our customers. Stationery can change the world any day when it is in the right hands. We believe that you have the ablest hands to change the world with our products. You are the reason for our pride when you use our products.

Our delivery services

We have the people who know that you trust us in delivering the products on time. With your presence, the world is already good. When you can change it for the better, why should we be late? The delivery system we have can find you anywhere in India and your wish list is our command. Delivering them on time being our motive, we have always been punctual in delivering them even in this imperfect world. We also believe strongly that you will receive our product in time too.

Now you don’t have to search anymore for the best quality stationery products. We can’t wait any longer to be proud to see our products in your hands!