Why Prayer is Important in Our Daily Lives

Why Prayer is Important in Our Daily Lives

Deepthi K

Prayers are important in the life of any person. They help the individual connect with the divine. The word prayer, is referred to as prarthana in Sanskrit. 

A Hindu prayer can be either be an elaborate or a small ritual. Whatever be the nature, it cannot be undermined that prayers have an immense effect on the human mind. A daily prayer is also one way of thanking the divine for what you have been blessed with.

There is no need to be formal in your interaction with God. You can communicate in simple terms and converse like a child would convey to its parents. You can say your prayers any number of times in a day.

Read on to know the importance of prayer and why you must incorporate it as a part of your daily routine.

Positive Thoughts

Prayers lessen the chance of your mind getting flooded with negative thoughts and intentions. They also prevent you from being surrounded by negative energy. The dissolution of negativity assists in developing a clear mind filled with pure intellect and positive thoughts that help to avoid using the energy of your mind for negative acts. 

Fewer Mistakes

Prayers help you focus on any activity that you are engaged in with more concentration. As a result, you will make less mistakes and in whatever you do. You will not have to redo the same task repeatedly.

Alleviates Anxiety

When you say your prayers regularly, you find your mind relieved of mental stress—your anxiety levels get lowered and you find yourself calm and relaxed without losing hope. This, in turn, helps you in feeling internal peace even during troubled times. You will also be bestowed with the strength to face any situation in life.  

Lowers Ego  

Prayers serve as a means of surrendering yourself to the lord or the Supreme Being. They guide you to stay humble and get rid of ego. Lowering your ego levels can help you cut down on unhappiness in your life and seek help from the lord in times of distress.

Enhance Decision Making

Prayers have the power to help you declutter your mind. When you pray to God asking him to guide and help you, you will find yourself including him in all major and minor decisions that you take. He will lead you on to the path of wise choices and better decisions that you will not have to regret about later. Prayers also play a key role in helping you identify the areas in your life where you need help.


Engaging in daily prayers can give you an opportunity to introspect and seek repentance for all the things not done right. They help you find salvation from all things negative within. 

Beneficial Effect on Health

Our body is largely water. Scientific studies have revealed that prayers have highly positive effects on water and food. Since the human body has a lot of water, prayers can have immense benefits on your health. Saying them regularly can help you be blessed with good physical and mental health almost all the time.   

A prayer essentially has two parts associated with it. The first part involves beseeching the Divine to have a favour granted. The other part is centred around your dedication to the lord. The first part is usually practised by most people on a daily basis. However, dedication is equally important as it helps you be successful and happy in your life. 

Most elaborate Hindu prayers are performed as collective prayers. They entail doing a pooja and chanting of several mantras and/or bhajans. The worship ends by performing an aarti and distributing prasad to all those who were involved in the collective prayers and others. It is believed that collective prayers produce a precise harmonious reverberation. This reverberation has the power to trigger positive vibrations in the surroundings.