Chanting for Emotional and Mental Well-being

Reciting or chanting is a beautiful way to help us focus while we try to establish our connection with the Universal Consciousness.
Chanting for Emotional and Mental Well-being

                                    By Sonia Sumitra Thakar

You know how people always advocate meditation as a solution for various problems?

It takes me half the night to fall asleep. Try meditating before going to bed.

Work is really stressful at the moment. Squeeze in ten minutes of meditation.

The kids are just getting on my nerves. Find a quiet spot and try to meditate for a bit.

Well as everyone means, we all know it, meditation isn’t easy. Like any other practice, it requires, well, practice! 

But what if we could tell you that there is way to make it easier? You can take the support of chanting a holy text or verse. Reciting or chanting is a beautiful way to help us focus while we try to establish our connection with the Universal Consciousness. It really acts like an aid to meditation that can give us a leg up on the spiritual path. 

Chanting can help us mentally and emotionally

Chanting sacred verses and holy texts is a relatively easier spiritual discipline when you compare it with some of the rituals endured by our ancestors centuries ago. (We really don’t think standing on one leg on the top of a mountain is our cup of tea.) And, it’s one that can help us reap rich rewards – physically and psychologically. To know more about the physical effects chanting has on our body. click here.The effects that chanting has on a mental and emotional level are many and definitely worth exploring.

Dispels Negativity and Calms Us

Chanting mantras helps to clear energy blockages and counteracts negative thoughts and stress with positivity, endowing a calming effect on the body and mind. It can uplift the mood and even pacify symptoms of anxiety and depression. The rhythmic beat of a good chant can sooth an over-worked mind within minutes. 

Improves Listening Skills and Concentration

Reciting a sacred text can help control the wandering mind and enables us to focus better on the task at hand. It can improve our memory and cognitive functions and, thereby, increases productivity. Who wouldn’t want to be more efficient in day-to-day tasks?

Provides an Energy Boost

Following the spiritual discipline of chanting can give us a much-needed extra boost of energy – much like an adrenaline rush but one that lasts longer and is way more effective. It can even strengthen our mental powers and deepen our resolves. 

Makes us Better Human Beings

Chanting with concentration can heighten our awareness of the self and enable us to be more sensitive to people around us, making us more empathetic and kinder human beings. The world can always do with a little more kindness, right?

All in all, chanting is not just a ritualistic practice that has lost its relevance in today’s busy world. It’s the best muscle relaxant and energy booster one could hope to take, and comes with the added advantage of being an enjoyable and uplifting experience in itself. 

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