Ways to Make Grandparents Feel Special

Ways to Make Grandparents Feel Special

Aarti Natarajan Sharma 

Grandparents form an integral part of the support systems of our lives. They have the wisdom and the experience spanning many decades, combined with a never-ending supply of love and indulgence for their grandkids! Grandparents open up a wondrous world of stories, gifts, and fun outings. With an increasing number of households having both parents working, very often grandparents end up playing a pivotal role in the upbringing of the grandchildren.

Children should spend time with their grandparents, listen to their stories, and learn from them— after all, they are the best teachers because they combine love with knowledge.

Grandparents like to think that they have made a qualitative difference in the lives of their grandchildren. Some of them teach mantras to the grandkids, they teach them how to pray and chant, and tell them stories of folklore from the ancient scriptures. Apart from adding to the knowledge of the grandchildren, it makes the grandparents feel they have also contributed towards the upbringing of their grandkids. 

Everybody enjoys receiving gifts. More so, grandparents who look forward to time spent with their kids and grandkids in their twilight years. It is easy to make grandparents feel special. Not only can you spend quality time with them, there are a whole host of gift items which can make them feel super special. 

Prayer Books

Prayer books or Chalisas are one of the most popular gifts you can give your grandparents. These are available for almost every God and usually contain 40 verses in praise of that particular God. These come in a hardbound format with a luxurious looking and specially curated box. The books have a large font which makes them easy to read. They also come in two sizes-large and pocket sized. Adding a special dimension to these prayer books is easy- they can be personalized with a name, a photograph or a message. You can gift these individually or as part of the Dive Bhakti Set which contains 16 Chalisas. 

Prayer Collections

These are collections devoted to a specific God like the Shree Hanuman Bhakti Sangrah, Shree Shiv Nitya Aaradhana, Shree Ganesh Nitya Aaradhana, and the Shree Durga Nitya Aaradhana . The best part about these collections is that they contain a number of items related to the worship of a deity. It makes for a perfect gift because the collection comes is an amalgamation of everything a devotee needs to chant and worship. They come in a beautifully curated box and with personalization options, adding that extra special thought to your gift. These are available in both Hindi and English. 

Sunderkand and Manka Ramayana

The famous fifth chapter of the epic Ramayana makes for a great gift. This chapter is a description of Lord Hanuman’s journey to Lanka and back in search of Sita. A reading of the Ramayana often commences with the Sunderkand. This is offered in a large font on premium quality paper and can also be personalised. 

The Manka Ramayana is in the form of 108 verses, outlining the life and qualities of Lord Ram. This makes for good reading when the reading of the entire Ramayana isn’t possible. The Manka Ramayana comes packed in a beautiful box and can be personalized in a number of ways. 

Stationery Sets

Grandparents might be modern and caught up with the times, but they still love the feel of paper in their hands. Gifting them a stationery set is ideal to put them back in touch with the olden days. Comprising of 50 each of best wishes cards and thank you cards with envelopes, 50 shagun envelopes, two sizes of letterheads, 50 each with envelopes, this stationery set is sure to make your grandparents smile. Packed in a plush box with a matte feel, this can be customized with a name. It also comes in a host of gorgeous colour options to choose from. 

There is no doubt that our lives would be empty without the presence of grandparents. This special category of people deserve equally special gifts which tell them just how loved and treasured they are. 

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