Teaching Children to Pray beyond Festivals and Bedtime! The Divine Bhakti Box (Curated by Gagan Dhawan)

Teaching Children to Pray beyond Festivals and Bedtime! The Divine Bhakti Box (Curated by Gagan Dhawan)


Teaching children to pray beyond night time requires a little intention. How ca we teach our children that praying isn’t only for bedtime and festivals? 

  • Pause and pray at mealtimes.

Even in the hustle and bustle of busy schedules, getting food on the table is still a must with families. Pausing to pray before meals is a beautiful way to bring the family together around the table. Being thankful creates a happy heart and modelling this thankfulness at mealtime promotes joy.

  • Pause and pray when you wash your hands.

You can try giving this example to your children: “I’ve found that while washing my hands, it’s easy to let my mind wander aimlessly. In order to harness that minute of thought, I ask God or Ma Durga to me cleanse my thoughts while the water runs over my hands.” Associating the acts of cleansing with hand washing time is a beautiful picture of God’s grace that children can easily remember.

  • Pause and pray when you receive good news

Children should always be taught that every day we live is a gift from God Almighty. So we should thank God in the morning for another day of life, in the evening for getting you through your day, and whenever we receive any good news, we should thank God by being grateful and praying.

  • Pause and pray when you need help

Is homework causing extra frustration? Stopping to pray invites God into the struggle and provides strength to continue trying. Perhaps your child is struggling with a friend issue or your family is experiencing a financial need. To seek help from the Divine, whenever we need it, is a great way to teach your child to rely on God for guidance. It’s a beautiful thing to watch children to talk about how God answers their prayers. Teaching children to pray even when it’s not bedtime is a rewarding experience that brings benefits for a lifetime. Whether meal time, washing hands, receiving good news, or when we need help, helps children in embracing the moment. Praying with your children and grandchildren is also the greatest way to bond with them.

It is also the right time to introduce the concept of prayer books to the children. With this thought in mind, we suggest that you buy for your beautiful home, a beautifully crafted and designed box called the Divine Bhakti box. You have a choice of 15 chalisas and a Gita Saar to choose from. Reading chalisas to your children will help them connect to the Divine in a more concrete way and help them to eventually chant the dohas on their own. In this way, you inculcate spirituality in them.

To add more to the box, you can easily get it printed with the names of your loved ones, you could even get a special message printed along with a sweet picture of the family.

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