Teaching Children about Indian Culture and Heritage beyond Dressing Up and Festivals ! The Divine Bhakti Box (Curated by Gagan Dhawan)

Teaching Children about Indian Culture and Heritage beyond Dressing Up and Festivals ! The Divine Bhakti Box (Curated by Gagan Dhawan)


Indian culture is peculiar and one of the oldest cultures in the world. India is a nation with many religions, faiths, languages, and food variety. Throughout India, the main religions that are followed are Jainism, Sikhism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity, and Islam. Children are aware of festivals and other occasions, but a lot is left out of them. To make your children aware of India, they need to be aware of Indian traditions and culture.

Parents play a major role in passing values and traditions on to their children. As a parent, it is your responsibility to make your children aware of India’s diverse faiths, cultures, food, clothing style, customs, and traditions. A parent, with perseverance and patience, teaches a child about the rich heritage of our nation. Children should also be able to understand the Indian culture that goes beyond dressing or eating.

With this thought and to cater to a wide demand for Hindu religious books that have a premium design, vibrant colours and illustrations, perfect for gifting to your children and grandchildren, PenaurPaper launched a unique and ingenious concept in the form of “The Divine Bhakti Box”. This box brings a special touch of spirituality and devotion to morning prayers. It has 15 chalisas and one Gita Saar. A uniquely designed, beautiful and enticing bhakti box, it will enhance your pooja paraphernalia and its collective beauty.

Gagan Dhawan, Founder and Director, felt that it was important to present all the devotional chalisas and books in a new manner for today’s generation. He says that “The Divine Bhakti Box is a perfect gift to spread peace, love, and harmony to your loved ones.”

All the dohas have been translated into Roman script to make it simple and easy for the younger generation to recite. It will be wonderful for anyone to embrace the rich values and beliefs of our ancient religious scriptures.

Mr Dhawan goes on to add that “We also specialise in making personalised bhakti boxes as a give-away for all your special functions. You can customise the box with your name or that of your loved ones’ or even your company’s name.”

All the chalisas are also available in individual packaging on the website alongside Amazon and Flipkart.

 The brand offers an eclectic mix of contemporary, innovative and high quality range of stationery, gifts, home and office accessories, magnetic products, and lifestyle accessories.

Telling us more about the brand, Mr Dhawan says, “We have an in house design, print, and production unit.  Having run a very successful print press for more than 20 years we wanted to open up an online window to showcase fine design in home-office and lifestyle products.  We also customise products and take bulk orders for both domestic and export markets. Have a great time shopping at our online store.  All of our products are made with an obsessive attention to detail. Please help us by leaving a review and spreading the word!”

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