A perfect gift for your Grand-Angels ! The Divine Bhakti Box (Curated by Gagan Dhawan)

A perfect gift for your Grand-Angels ! The Divine Bhakti Box (Curated by Gagan Dhawan)


Grandparents are a gift to every family. There is nothing quite like a grandparent’s love. To celebrate that love, we have found the perfect gift for them!

Shopping for grandparents can be daunting. They probably have most of the basics down pat, and if you ask for ideas you will like get a genuine “Nothing, beta. You are our greatest gift!”

But these are the people who sat through your school recitals even though they were unbearably boring. They weathered your tantrums, took you out for treats against the wishes of your parents, gave you pocket money in secret, gave you hugs and wiped away your tears. So, what can you do for them? Something that is thoughtful, useful, and is bound to be extremely appreciated by your dadu-dadi and nana-nani.

To cater to a wide demand for something special for the elderly, PenaurPaper offers personalised religious books with a premium design and luxurious feel. They are perfect for gifting to grandparents and elders. Called “The Divine Bhakti Box”, a set of 15 beautifully made chalisas and a Gita Saar, this gift will bring a special touch of spirituality and devotion to your morning prayers.

Gagan Dhawan who felt that it was very important to present all the devotional chalisas and books in a new manner. “The Divine Bhakti Box” is a perfect gift to spread peace, love and harmony to your loved ones. All the dohas have been translated into Roman script to make the experience simple and easy.

This amazing gift can be personalised—with names of your loved ones, a very special message that you might want to add and even a sentimental photo of your grand-angels!

In fact, all the chalisas will are also available in individual packaging on website alongside Amazon and Flipkart.

If you have any query-suggestion drop us a line at info@penaurpaper.com.