The Significance of Gifting

The Significance of Gifting

Aarti Natarajan Sharma

Right from the time one is a child, if there’s one thing that brings a sparkle to the eyes, it is a gift. The thrill of seeing a beautifully packed parcel, often wrapped in glittering, colourful paper, is priceless. Opening the strings of the parcel while wondering what it contains and the excitement of discovering what is inside the box is unmatched! The sense of adventure and the feelings it evoked is something every generation identifies with. 

Gifts are a non-verbal form of expression of affection towards the recipient. Sometimes what one can’t convey through words, one does through a gift. Gifts are generally chosen with a lot of care, keeping in mind the hobbies or the interests of the person one is giving the gift to. The best part about a gift is that it can be given to just about anyone—friends, family, colleagues, even acquaintances. 

In earlier times, gifts were given only on birthdays or anniversaries. Irrespective of age, birthdays especially were synonymous with gifts and cakes. Over time, the concept of gifting started extending to occasions such as Diwali, Christmas and a number of other festivals. In the last decade, corporate gifting to clients has become a trend. Corporate gifts became a way of expressing that the client was important. 

In today’s time of the pandemic, gifting has assumed an even greater significance. Movement is restricted, activities are confined to the indoors, and socialising is out of bounds. With gifts being available online and a wide range to choose from, shopping for friends and family is a huge mood up-lifter. Gifting has long since been recognised as a mood elevator and a form of therapy. 

Today, we are spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing gifts. The variety and range in every category often leave us confused about what to choose! However, there are some categories of gifts that have remained evergreen over time. 

Stationery Products

For those who love stationery, there can be no better gifts. The feel of paper products, pens, writing pads and a host of other stationery items is a delight for stationery buffs.

Household Items

Choosing a gift for someone who is house proud is relatively easy. You can gift stuff for the kitchen, decorative items and linen to name a few options. 

Devotional Products

People who are into spirituality and prayers love to receive gifts related to the same. There are choices of prayer books, chalisas, or epics such as the Ramayana, Mahabharata and the Gita and prayer beads, among others. 


People with a green thumb take great delight in receiving plants as gifts. These could be indoor plants or bigger outdoor ones. There are also exotic options such as indoor or bonsai plants. 

Personalised Products

There is quite nothing that gives a thrill as much as seeing your name or a special message on a product. Over the years personalised gifts have become hugely popular and are available in a large variety. 

Gifting not only makes the receiver feel good but also provides a sense of satisfaction to the person doing the gifting. A gift speaks far more than words do.