Teacher’s Day

Teacher’s Day

Aarti Natarajan Sharma

Teacher’s Day is a day dedicated to giving thanks to Teachers and making them feel special. It is celebrated every year on 5 September. It marks the birth anniversary of Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, who was the first Vice President of India and the Second President of India. Dr Radhakrishnan was an educationist and was awarded the Bharat Ratna, the highest civilian award in India in 1954. World Teacher’s Day is on 5 October but usually each country celebrates this day on a different date. 

The story is that when some of his friends and students approached Dr Radhakrishnan and requested permission to celebrate his birthday, he asked them instead to mark that day as a celebration of teachers across the country. And so, 5 September came to be Teacher’s Day in India. 

Teachers play an important role in shaping young minds. After parents, the single most important influence in any child’s formative years, are teachers. A good teacher can make learning fun. But teacher’s day also goes beyond just the traditional academic teachers. It includes anyone who imparts important life lessons and teaches us about anything which improves the quality of our life. 

On this day students dress up as their teachers and take classes, giving their teacher’s a chance of be on the other side of the spectrum. They also make cards and take gifts for their teachers as a mark of respect. A Teacher’s Day gift needs to be special and thoughtful, conveying the message that the teacher is an important part of a student’s life. Let’s make a look at some gift options which are sure to make your teachers smile!

Sand Stationery Box

What better gift for a teacher than a stationery set! This stationery set comprises of the following items

50 best wishes card with envelopes

50 thank you cards with envelopes

50 shagun envelopes

50 A-4 size letterheads with envelopes

50 A-5 size letterheads with envelopes

Each of these is fit into neat slots in a beautiful box with neat pull-out compartments. The items are made with premium quality paper ensuring that they will last long. The stationery set comes in a gorgeous sand colour, making it very stylish looking. The inside of the box has a plush matte lining. You also don’t need to worry about refills since these are available for each of the items. The best part is that you can customise this stationery set with a name, lending that extra-special dimension to your gift. 

Divine Bhakti Set

The specially curated Divine Bhakti set is a perfect gift for someone who inspires you and who you look up to. It consists of 15 chalisas or prayer books for various deities, namely, Ganesh, Lakshmi, Shiv, Hanuman, Durga, Krishna, Sai, Saraswati, Gayatri, Vishnu, Navgrah, Shani, Bhairav, Ganga, and Ram along with a Geeta Saar. Each prayer book is hardbound with a large font printed on high quality paper with a special UV ink, making it not only beautiful to look at but also durable. The Bhagavad Gita is considered to be one of the oldest spiritual texts of all time and imparts important lessons which are relevant even today. The Geeta Saar is a summary of this larger text. 

This Bhakti set is available in both Hindi and English scripts and is easy to handle. It also comes with a range of customisation options- a name, a special message or even a photograph; ensuring that the gift is appreciated and cherished.