Sunderkand – A beautiful verse for a beautiful life

Sunderkand – A beautiful verse for a beautiful life

Sonia Sumitra Thakar

In this Kaliyuga, who better to pray to than a deity who is believed to be immortal? Hanuman, who was asked by Lord Rama to stay back on earth to guide society towards the light through the darkness of the Kaliyuga, is said to still walk the earth. Praying to Hanuman is considered one of the best and most efficacious ways to overcome obstacles and attain peace and prosperity. 

Reciting the Sunderkand is said to be as effective as chanting the Hanuman Chalisa and this chapter of the Ramayana is often read, when the entire epic cannot be narrated, to propitiate Hanuman and get his blessings. 

What is the Sunderkand?

The Sunderkand is the 5th of seven chapters in the Ramayana and one of the most critical. It chronicles the search for Mother Sita and the exploits of Hanuman on his journey to Lanka. It is, in fact, the only chapter in the Ramayana in which Rama is not the hero and Hanuman instead plays the lead role. 

While most of the chapters are named after places, this kand (chapter) was named Sundara (meaning beautiful) by Valmiki. Perhaps, he named it after Hanuman who was lovingly called Sundara by his mother Anjana or possibly because it contains so many beautiful descriptions of Lord Rama, Mother Sita, Hanuman, Lanka and even Ravana. 

It is an exquisite piece of poetry that extols Hanuman, the ambassador of Lord Rama, as an epitome of strength, knowledge, and wisdom and vividly portrays his selflessness and devotion to Lord Rama.  

Benefits of reading the Sunderkand

The Sunderkand is a powerful verse that can bring many positive changes in our lives. 

  1. It is the perfect prayer to help overcome obstacles and see us through difficult times by giving us mental and emotional strength to deal with the problems we face in life. The blessings of Hanuman that one can gain by reciting the Sunderkand can endow us with confidence and fearlessness.

    2. Chanting the Sunderkand regularly can bestow us with success and prosperity, contentment and peace. It can help to tide us over financial problems and even open up job opportunities.

    3. Reciting the Sunderkand can help to ward off evil tendencies and influences. It protects and safeguards the one who chants it with devotion and sincerity.

    4. Reading this text protects us against diseases and ensures good health.

    5. It is said to guard those who chant it against the negative influences of the planets. It also helps remove the negative energy from the home which can lead to fights amongst family members.

    6. Making children read or listen to this chapter of the Ramayana can bring about positive changes in their behaviour and attitude.

The Sunderkand is replete with life lessons that we can all learn something from. To read more about the lessons we can learn from the Sunderkand. 

The best days to read the Sunderkand are the days of Hanuman – Tuesday and Saturday. When the verses of this text are read with full faith and devotion, it can bring us closer to God and to our spiritual goals. 

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