Shree Ganesh Nitya Aaradhana

Shree Ganesh Nitya Aaradhana

Aarti Natarajan Sharma


Who is Lord Ganesh?

Lord Ganesh, also known as Ganapati and Vinayak is the elephant headed Hindu god who is worshipped at the start of anything new. He is believed to be a remover of obstacles and therefore is paid obeisance to before the start of any new enterprise or venture. 

The Story of Lord Ganesh’s Birth

According to Hindu mythology, once Goddess Parvati was preparing for a bath on Mount Kailash. She did not want to be disturbed and so she asked Lord Shiva’s bull Nandi to guard the entrance. Nandi took up his post but when Lord Shiva came, he allowed him to go through because his first loyalty was to Lord Shiva. This angered Goddess Parvati who decided she wanted someone who would be loyal to her first. She then took turmeric paste (some versions of the story say sandal paste) from her own body and breathed life into it and then was born Lord Ganesh. 

The next time she wanted to take a bath, she posted Ganesh at the entrance who then proceeded to refuse entry to Lord Shiva. This enraged Lord Shiva. A battle ensued in which Lord Shiva severed Ganesh’s head. When Parvati learned of this, she was furious and demanded that Ganesh be brought back to life. Shiva sought help from Lords Brahma and Lord Vishnu. Lord Brahma asked for the head of the first creature that they found in the north direction to be brought to hi, Shiva then sent his ganas to bring back the head of the first living being they came across. This happened to be an elephant and so Lord Ganesh came to have an elephant head. 

Shree Ganesh Nitya Aaradhana  

It is considered to be extremely auspicious to gift something related to Lord Ganesh.

Shree Ganesh Nitya Aaradhana   is a collection of devotional hymns in praise of Lord Ganesh and expounding his qualities. This comes with a luxurious and premium design, in a beautifully curated box. The font of the items is large and very easy to read. The Ganesh Nitya Aaradhana comes with a host of personalisation options such as a name, a special message or even a photograph, making it a wonderful gifting option. 

The Shree Ganesh Nitya Aaradhana   comprises of the following items

  • Ganesh Vandana
  • Sankatnashan Ganesh Stotra
  • Shree Ganesh Shatnamavali
  • Shree Ganesh Chalisa
  • Shree Ganesh Aarti
  • Shree Ganesh Sahastranamavali

Let us take a look at what each of these items are. 

Ganesh Vandana

The literal meaning of Vandana is ‘to praise’ and ‘to surrender.’ Ganesh Vandana means ‘in praise of Lord Ganesh and surrendering oneself to his power’. Lord Ganesh is popularly known as the God of the Fine Arts and Intelligence. The Ganesh Vandana is an invocation to Lord Ganesh and is chanted before starting anything new. It is believed that Sage Tulsidas composed this. 

Sankatnashan Ganesh Stotra

This Ganesh Stotra is chanted to overcome crises and problems. Lord Ganesh is also called Vighnaharta which means ‘one who destroys obstacles.’ It is believed that chanting this mantra with devotion has the power to get rid of even the biggest obstacles in one’s life. 

The ideal day to start the Sankatnashan Ganesh Stotra is on a Wednesday. It is said that this should be chanted for 40 days continuously; something which is called a chalisa. This Stotra should be chanted early morning after a bath, facing an idol or picture of Lord Ganesh. 

Pranamyashirasadevam Gauri putramVinayakam.

The person who wishes for wealth, knowledge and life should salute Lord Ganesh who is the son of Goddess Parvati. 

‘Japet Ganapati stotram,Shadbhirmasaiphalamlabheth.
Samvatsarenasidhimcha,Labhatenatrasanshaya ‘

Results of chanting this prayer will be seen within a short time and the devotee shall get all his wishes fulfilled. 

Shree Ganesh Shatnamavali

Lord Ganesh has 108 names. It is believed that he actually has around 1008 names out of which 108 are popularly chanted. 

The Shree Ganesh Shatnamavali is the recitation of these 108 names, which is also known as the Ashtottara Shatnamavali. This chant is most popularly done during the puja of Lord Ganesh, especially on Ganesh Chaturthi.

The Shree Ganesh Shatnamavali is considered to be auspicious and should be chanted during any worship of Lord Ganesh. It confers wealth, knowledge, and intelligence on the devotee and removes all obstacles from his path. 

Shree Ganesh Chalisa

The Ganesh Chalisa is a 40-verse prayer in praise of Lord Ganesh. It is believed that regularly chanting of this chalisa gives great benefit to the devotees. Those who find is difficult to chant should play it in the house so that the vibrations can echo in the entire home and benefit all those who listen to it. 

Jai Jai Jai Ganapati Ganaraaju,
Mangal Bharana Karana Shubha Kaajuu,
Jai Gajbadan Sadan Sukhdaata,
Vishva Vinaayaka Buddhi Vidhaataa’

(Glory be to you oh Lord, the destroyer of all obstacles. You are the bestower of happiness in this world and the teacher of all.)

‘Charana Maatu-Pitu Ke Dhara Liinhen,
Tinake Saat Pradakshina Kiinhen
Dhani Ganesha Kahi Shiva Hiye Harashyo,
Nabha Te Suran Suman Bahu Barse’

(With devotion you clasped the feet of your parents and circled them seven times. You were then rewarded with the fruit of this which made the Gods rain down flowers on you.)

According to Hindu mythology chanting the Ganesh Chalisa is the most powerful way to please Lord Ganesh and seek his blessings. 

Shree Ganesh Aarti

An Aarti is a Hindu devotional prayer which is sung in praise of a particular god. This ritual involves lighting a diya and waving it in a circular motion in front of an idol or picture of the god. The Aarti of Lord Ganesh is called ‘Jai Ganesh Deva.’ 

The Aarti talks about the various traits of Lord Ganesh and how he is the son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. It also praises Lord Ganesh for being a remover of all problems and blessing the start of anything new. 

It is believed that after the Ganesh Aarti should end with a prasad of laddoos which is the favourite sweet of Lord Ganesh. 

Shree Ganesh Sahastranamavali

A Sahastranamavali is a recitation of 1000 names of any Hindu deity. The Shree Ganesh Sahastranamavali is a recitation of Lord Ganesh’s 1000 names, considered to be extremely auspicious. 

The Ganesh Sahastranamavali is found in the Ganesh Purana. It is believed that this was recited and taught to Lord Shiva by Lord Ganesh himself. According to Hindu mythology, Lord Shiva wanted to destroy the demon king with three flying cities (tripurasura), but was unable to do so. He then invoked Lord Ganesh’s help who appeared in his five faced form (panchamukha) and initiated Lord Shiva with the Ganesh Sahastranamavali. 

Benefits of Worshipping Lord Ganesh

  • Getting intelligence and clear thinking
  • An auspicious start of any new venture
  • Wealth and prosperity
  • Removal of all evil influences and negative energies
  • Removal of all obstacles and problems in every sphere of life

The Shree Nitya Ganesh Aaradhana   is a wonderful collection of prayer books which makes for a thoughtful gift to all devotees of Lord Ganesh. The rich texture and matte finish of the box alongside subtle gold metal foiling, gives it a gorgeous look. Being hardbound this is durable and easy to handle. The personalisation options add a further dimension to an amazing gifting option. 

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