Rakhi Gift Ideas for a Sister

Rakhi Gift Ideas for a Sister

Deepthi K

Raksha Bandhan is a traditional Hindu festival that is celebrated on a full moon night in either July or August. This festival is celebrated to mark the love and care a brother has for his sister. The term Raksha Bandhan is a Sanskrit phrase that translates to ‘bond of protection’.

On this day, a sister ties a rakhi on the wrist of her brother’s right hand praying for his health and protection against negative influences. She also applies a tilak on his forehead after tying the rakhi. The brother, in turn, gives his sister a gift and promises to take care of her always and protect her from any harm. There are several stories behind this festival in Hindu mythology. 

According to one story, in Mahabharata, Draupadi, the wife of the Pandavas once noticed that lord Krishna had hurt his hand after killing Sisupala. She immediately tore the end of her expensive sari and tied it around his wrist to prevent it from bleeding. This action of hers left a mark in Krishna’s heart. He vowed to protect her like a brother always and did so for the next 25 years.

Let us now look at some interesting gift ideas that brothers can gift to their sisters to make this festival memorable.

Assorted Box of Chocolates

If your sibling loves chocolates, this is just the right gift. Brands have come up with a variety of chocolate boxes in different sizes and you can choose one that best suits your budget. Most boxes also list the chocolates included in the box making it easy for you to take your pick.

Gift Mug

A personalised gift mug is another good and relatively inexpensive option. You can buy a plain mug and get it customised with your own message. The other option is to go in for a mug that already has a message you like.

Stationery Set


Get your sister or brother a stationery set. Give the gift set a personal touch by including a personalised message and even a photo of the two of you. With a host of stationery writing items, including cards, this is the perfect gift for your sibling. 

Bouquet of Flowers

You can try gifting her a bouquet of assorted fresh flowers or just her favourite flower tied with a satin bow. Your sister will definitely love placing the flowers in a vase on her desk and enjoying their fragrance every time she passes by them.


This does not necessarily have to be in gold or any precious metal. It can be some fancy jewellery in a fancy design that you think she will like. A good idea is to get her a chain with a pendant representing her zodiac birth sign or the starting letter of her name. This will give the gift a personalised touch.

Makeup Kit

A makeup kit is just what you need to buy if your sister loves it. There are several reputed brands in the market that offer their kits with different types of makeup products. Always go in for a reputed brand instead of a not so well-known one.

Gift Hamper

Gift her a gift hamper complete with lotions, balms, and creams for her to indulge in some self-pampering. Make sure that you get a hamper with only natural chemicals and ingredients in their products. Avoid ones with parabens, mineral oils, sulphates or other toxic chemicals. An all-natural hamper is bound to be priced slightly on the expensive side but is definitely worth it. 

Raksha Bandhan was initially a festival celebrated in north India. However, in the past, it has gained immense popularity in the south as well. The traditional rakhi is a bracelet made of interwoven gold and red coloured threads. However, today rakhis are available in various colours and patterns. Also, nowadays, it is tied by a lady to anyone she considers as her brother and not necessarily her sibling only. Sometimes, even sisters tie it to each other—after all, the idea is to bond and have each other’s back!