Nitya Pooja and the power of the Shree Shiv Chalisa and Aarti

Nitya Pooja and the power of the Shree Shiv Chalisa and Aarti

Sonia Sumitra Thakar

Lord Shiva with his beautiful serene face that radiates peace and calm is one the most-loved deities in Hinduism. Even though he is the ‘destroyer', at a symbolic spiritual level, Shiva symbolises the destruction of evil tendencies, ego, selfishness, and pride. The word Shiva itself means pure or auspicious. 

Shree Shiv Chalisa

The Shree Shiv Chalisa is a 40-verse sacred hymn adapted from the Shiva Purana dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is said that chanting this prayer with true love and dedication can invoke the blessings of the Lord and can even mitigate one’s sins. 

Lord Shiva is easily pleased. In fact, one of his names is Bholenath or Bhole Shankar—the innocent, kind-hearted one. Elaborate rituals are not required to appeal to his benevolent and forgiving nature. Anyone can chant Lord Shiva’s name and secure his divine grace if one has a pure heart and unswerving faith. 

The Shiv Chalisa starts with a prayer to Lord Ganesha, as he was awarded the boon to be worshipped first in any pooja. It goes on to invoke Mahadeva, praising him and his innumerable divine attributes and asking him to remove the obstacles and problems in one’s life. Regular chanting of this prayer can have highly beneficial effects on our lives.


  • Lord Shiva imbues great strength and fearlessness in those who chant the Shiv Chalisa with a pure heart. 
  • Helps to rid us of our stress and anxiety and replace it with a sense of calm and a peaceful mind.
  • Gives clarity of thought and enables us to make good choices in life.
  • Helps to mitigate consequences of our sins. 
  • Pregnant women can chant this prayer to invoke Lord Shiva’s protection for their unborn baby and ensure a safe delivery.
  • Children can recite the Shiv Chalisa to overcome health problems. Parents can do this on behalf of their children, if they are too young.
  • Effective in solving marital problems and in ensuring a happy and blissful family life.
  • Keeps us safe from evil tendencies and influences and even help us in overcoming harmful addictions (eg tobacco or drug addictions). 
  • Ensures the flow of positive energy and one experiences the power of Lord Shiva’s grace.

Shiv Aarti

It is customary to conclude any pooja by waving a burning oil/camphor lamp around the deity and singing aarti. At the end of worshipping or offering prayers to Lord Shiva we can sing the Mahadev Aarti. This is a holy song that praises Lord Shiva and invokes his blessings. Singing the aarti song can imbue a great sense of peace and happiness within the one who sings and even those who merely listen to it being sung. 

The melodious tune and beautiful diction of the Shiv Aarti can help us overcome or anger, lust and greed – the flame symbolizes the burning of our ego and other bad qualities. Performing aarti to Shiva can bring us mental and emotional stability and strength, auspiciousness and prosperity. 

Lord Shiva is merciful. He is easy to please and forgives our mistakes in a trice. The only condition he lays is that we have faith and devotion. You can start daily worship of the benevolent Lord Shiva today with the Shree Shiv Nitya Aardhana – a compilation of potent prayers to Mahadeva. Click here to view this premium offering from Pen aur Paper. It would make for a meaningful and much-appreciated gift too so check it out now. Har Har Mahadev!