Strings of lights, textures of artistic rangoli on plain floors, hands cupped around oil lamps, and eyes
filled with contentment - so is the essence of Diwali.
Along with all this, Diwali is also about showcasing your warmth and joy through affectionate
So, here are some gifting ideas for you to share happiness with your loved ones on this festival of

1. Cutlery -
What we see directly affects what we taste. It is proven by research that our perception influences
our taste buds and what better gift than making someone's every meal tastier.
Please all the cuisine connoisseurs with unique additions to their kitchen.
You can opt for hand painted, wooden, black coloured, or marble made dinner sets which stand out.
Golden cutlery sets are also an uncommonly beautiful sight and great presents. Also, incorporating
thoughtful equipment like cutlery stands, spoon rests and reusable stainless steel straws is a great
idea. (also healthy for the environment!).

2. Decor
As per the custom of cleaning and decorating the whole house for Diwali - contribute to the efforts
of your loved ones by gifting some decorations that they can put up and make a part of their home.
A vase with vase fillers or faux flower sticks fits almost anywhere.
Real and living mini plants are wonderful choice as well. Nothing gives more positivity than a tiny
green companion. We would suggest getting succulents as they are low maintenance and great
aesthetic at the same time.
Potpourri poured in a gorgeous bowl or container is another great option.

3. Dry fruits
Packed with countless health benefits and known to keep you warm in winter, dry fruits are an
evergreen gift option for Diwali. You can include cashews (loaded with vitamin E and B6), raisins
(powered with potassium), walnuts (rich in omega-3 fatty acids), almonds (so many antioxidants!),
dates (minerals and natural sugar, plus they're so yummy), pistachios and apricots (so much
nutrition and so little calories) to the mix.

4. Hampers
There is nothing like a variety of curious things wrapped up a lovely hamper to add a pinch of
excitement to someone's day.
The best gift is one which makes itself a part of someone's daily ritual, and therefore you just cannot
go wrong with options like skincare sets, bath and personal care sets, and fragrance gift sets.
Hampers may also include something that you know your loved one is fond of or passionate about.
For example, you can add to their coffee or tea admiration by gifting a hamper with different
flavours of tea leaves and coffee grounds with cutlery for the same.
Similarly, a stationary set for writers, gourmet basket for foodies, and fine wine with fancy glassesfor oenophiles, professional art kit for artists, and so much more.

5. DIY
Add a personal touch of warmth and creativity to your presents by Doing It Yourself.

With any gift, it is the thought that counts the most, and if you're a creative person, what better way
to showcase thoughtfulness than making a DIY present for your near and dear ones.
Floating gel candles, hanging toran, homemade potpourri, paper lanterns, diya and candle holders,
handmade greeting cards, and countless other ideas and methods are easily available on YouTube,
Pinterest and other websites on Google.