Simple Things You Can Do to Help Your Grandparents

Simple Things You Can Do to Help Your Grandparents

Smitha Rajan

Who hasn’t ever had some funny, memorable and lively memories involving their grandparents? For many children, summer vacations and often weekends mean being in the company of their dada-dadi or nana-nani. Others are lucky enough to either live with their grandparents or have them close by. 

Grandparents selflessly love their grandchildren and you can return this love manifold by doing simple things for them. Here are a few things that will make their day.

Spend quality time with them

Yes, your presence is sometimes the best present for them. Old people often feel lonely as their social mobility gets limited due to many reasons including medical ones. It is why being there for them or spending time with them would mean the world to them. 

The best thing is, it hardly costs anything. Grandparents also crave love and attention. When you decide to spend a few hours with them, they feel loved and it also reduces their anxiety. Ensure that the time spent is quality time. Talk to them about their lives, ask them about their health, or, in general, just gossip with them. You can also go on short outings if their health permits or drive them to visit their friends.

Ask for their advice 


As a kid, you had so many things to say and it was your grandparents who gave your ramblings a patient hearing. You can do the same for them—hear them out and seek their advice. And, more often than not, your grandparents' talk is likely to contain gems of wisdom. Grandparents have the benefit of experience and are way more knowledgeable than most give them credit for. Asking their opinions and advice makes them feel valued. 

They are fountainheads of knowledge and you will be surprised at how much they know. Moreover, with the benefit of hindsight, grandparents’ advice can prevent you from making a mistake they may have made. The advice can be over trivial things, too, say how to ensure paneer remains soft or what is the best time to read Shiva Chalisa

Help them monitor their health

Old age is accompanied by ailments and deteriorating health. Senior citizens are more susceptible to illness. Hence, their health must be monitored. You can help your grandparents take care of their health by teaching them how to operate some of the health diagnostic tools like BP or glucose monitor. You can also make it a point to get them annual health check-ups. Signing them up for senior citizen yoga or laughter clubs will also provide them with more social interactions and help alleviate their fears and anxiety. It will also help them find new friends which are difficult to do as you grow older. If your grandparents need regular medication, you can organise them in a pillbox so that they know which to take and when. 

Surprise them with gifts/letters

Remember when you were young and your dada surprised you with a bicycle? Well, it's time to return the favour, not necessarily with a bicycle. Love need not be measured in material things but a gift goes a long way in telling someone that you care for them and are thinking of them. So go ahead and surprise your grandparents with a gift. Don’t wait for an occasion. A surprise gift without any obvious reason brings joy beyond measure. Most grandparents are religious and you can gift them a pilgrimage tour or a personalised Bhakti Set made up of their favourite chalisas. Grandparents belong to a generation where loved ones wrote each other letters regularly. Perhaps you can also write them a letter or give them a premium personalised stationery set for them to write letters. 

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