Indian Cultural Facts: A Chronicle of Variety and Diversity

Indian Cultural Facts: A Chronicle of Variety and Diversity

Rupal Ghiya

India is the landmark of the dawn of civilization. India, from the beginning, has opened its doors to the different corners of the World. Various races, people, and faith that fell in love with India remained here along with the natives. As goes the saying in Sanskrit, they formed a family, “Vasudhaiva Kutummbakam,” meaning the World is my family. The Indian culture is a colorful “Thali” filled with every color that ever embraced India. Let us take a look through the various aspects of culture in India as follows: 

Faith as a unique blend

India is the land of the birth of Sanatan Dharma, Hinduism, Sikhism, Buddhism, and Jainism. It has also been a haven for Christians,  Islamics, Zoroastrians, and Jews—religions that never originated here. One might also encounter families in India with members belonging to a different faith, even Atheism.  You can feel the greatness when you witness the most peaceful multi-faith people enjoying and respecting each other’s faith in marriage, festivals, cuisines, dresses, and so much more.

The entirety of Indian Cultural representation to a foreigner’s eye

A lot of writers penned down various cultural aspects of India. Let us try to catch hold of some very important cultural facts:

  1. Whenever a foreigner thinks of India as a destination, they will be surprised that 32 of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites already are present in India. 
  2. Diverse as the people in India, so diverse are their taste buds. However, India is the shelter to the World’s largest population of vegetarians and Vegans.
  3.  Even with the ever-evolving technology in the world that has made its way to everyone’s pockets, you will be surprised that India has the largest Postal service and offices in the World, with locations starting from Dal Lake, the highest post in the Himachal, to Camel Post offices.
  4. What more? Since its inception, the Railways that has always remained the Lifeline of India is not free from a notary. The World’s busiest railway stations are located in India in Howrah and Sealdah, West Bengal.
  5. The World’s oldest inhabited city, Varanasi, is located in India.
  6. Although you will find representatives of different languages in this country of Sanskrit, India is the second-largest country with English speaking population. Naturally, racial fun or accent bullying is not of great esteem in India, yet India will never apologise for that.
  7. The world’s largest Gathering, the “Kumbha Mela,” happens in India.
  8. The world’s richest holy temple, the “Padmanabhaswamy Temple,” is located in India.
  9. When we talk of culture, can we miss cuisines? India is the home to almost all the world’s cuisines, including above 140 types of desserts from different parts of the world, with Delhi’s Khari Baoli as the world’s largest spice market being located in India.
  10. India is one of the World’s most significant fashion Hubs harboring attires and textiles from different parts of the World.