How to make your grandparents feel special

How to make your grandparents feel special

Smitha Rajan

You have always had a special place in your grandparent's hearts. They have one in yours, too. There are several simple but effective ways to show your grandparents how special they are to you. Here are a few tips to make them feel special.

Create a lovely photo book/or go through one with them

Your grandparents grew up when selfies and instant photography were non-existent. Photographs were a luxury reserved for special occasions. It cost a lot to get a photo developed. So, every photo they have in their possession is a well-cherished one because they are limited ones. You can surprise them with a photo book that covers their life journey through their photographs. You can arrange pictures of their children, grandchildren, and other important events in their life. In all probability, they already have a photo album. You can make them a new one if the old one is damaged or provide them with a personalised one. You can sit with them to go through the album once in a while. Grandparents love to talk about their past and what better way to relieve lovely memories than a grandchild and grandparent going through a photo album.

Take them out for a surprise lunch/dinner date

When you were a kid your dadi or nani often surprised you with your favourite dish. Well, why not take your grandparents on a surprise lunch/dinner date? Drop-in unannounced and tell them all of you are going out for a surprise lunch and dinner. Yes, they will complain about how they have already made lunch/dinner and it will get wasted but do it nevertheless. It will make them feel valued and most importantly it will show that you do think of them.

Write them a heartfelt letter

Imagine this, your grandparent gets a knock on the door and the postman hands them a letter. They get curious and open it. The handwritten letter, written on personalised stationery  is from their grandson/daughter who could not visit them this year. But it explains in detail how much they missed them, how they missed grandma’s cooking and how they will soon come to meet them. It tells them how much they are valued and how grateful they are to have them in their lives. 

Can you imagine how happy your grandparents will be? And here’s what will surely happen. They will not only cherish the letter but will put it in safekeeping to read and re-read again and again. Ok, they may rib you about your lousy handwriting and how they should have made you finish some more cursive writing books but, hey, you truly didn’t expect your grandparents to accept something without criticising it in the first place!

Help them be on social media

Loneliness is a big challenge of growing old. Social media can be a good way for grandparents to beat loneliness as they get to stay in touch with friends and family. You can teach them to navigate social media, how to look for old friends, or how to make and post their thoughts or ideas. A lot of grandparents are on Whatsapp; they, however, are not very active on other social media sites. Is your nana a DIY man? Help him start a YouTube channel or put up his projects on Instagram. Is your nani an amazing cook, teach her how to take and upload pictures of her culinary skills and propagate them. Who knows, in a short period he/she may have a big fan following too.

Send them on a trip or buy them a surprise gift

Why not send your grandparents on a break or even a pilgrimage. Perhaps on a senior citizen specific Europe tour as a surprise gift. Yes, they will love it but will most likely scold you for it. If your grandparents are deeply religious you can leave a beautiful gift wrapped Vishnu Chalisa or Ganga Chalisa at their puja place too as a surprise.

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