The Posting and Ma Durga

The Posting and Ma Durga


The call came at 6.30 pm. Subita’s senior colleague Amitesh was on the line. “Congrats, Subita,” he said. “You have been selected as Regional Manager, the only one from your batch to sail through.” Subita was elated. She had cleared the written exam and had gone for the interview to Kolkata. She had been awaiting the results.

A new tension started. Upon promotion, it was inevitable that one would get a posting outside one’s place of domicile, which for Subita was Delhi. Subita was anxious about the posting because that would involve her spending the next three years in the new city, as per Company policy. 

Two days later she got another phone call, this time from her senior colleague, Ravi. “Subita,” he said, “you have been posted to Indore. It’s a nice place and known as mini-Mumbai. All the best!”

Subita’s heart sank. She rushed to get out the atlas to check where exactly Indore was. It was near Mumbai and in Madhya Pradesh. She had to plan her journey by road because her two pet dogs and daughter would be travelling with her. An immediate trip would be required prior to joining in order to finalize a flat on Company lease, get it ready for habitation by booking a gas connection, etc.

On a pleasant October night, Subita left for Indore by train to make the necessary arrangements. Indore was highly populated with the natives fiercely proud of their city. Subita was given a local tour and promised a pilgrimage to Omkareswar, Mahakaleswar, Chamunda Devi temple in Dewas and many famous temples in Ujjain when she would join duty.

After seeing many houses in the heart of Indore, she settled on one in the suburbs called Kalindi Kunj. It was a huge two-storyed house with a tiny patch of green on the left inside the gate and a huge portico where a car could be parked. Houses lined both sides of the road. 

The deal was finalised and Subita returned to Delhi to wind up. Two weeks later, with her pets and daughter in tow, Subita left for Indore by car. She halted for the night in Gwalior (in a hotel which allowed pets) and next morning set out for Indore. The trip was uneventful and the entourage reached Indore exhausted but relieved at having completed the journey.    

Within two weeks, Subita realised that she could not even think of spending three years in the kind of office she had joined. The staff was slothful and laid-back, the work was uninspiring, her boss was a highly corrupt man, and nobody had any ambition to do well or to rise in life.

A deep depression settled upon Subita. The future was bleak and each day seemed to drag. Across her house stayed a young lady whom she befriended. The lady suggested that they visit an astrologer to find out if any solution could be arrived at. 

On a sultry weekend morning, Subita and her new-found friend Roma, set out to meet this gentleman who lived on the first floor of a building in the heart of the city. The prophecy was not good. “I do not see any movement for three years,” he said.

That was when Subita felt a deep determination arise within her.” I will change my destiny through the power of prayer,” she vowed to herself.

Roma had a lady guru in Kolkata whom she consulted and who she called Mataji. She made Subita speak to Mataji. Mataji advised her to start the chanting of Durga Chalisa as many times as possible since the transfer or movement would be brought about by the grace of the Devi. She also asked Subita to take some vibhuti and for three consecutive days, and visualise the direction she wanted to go back to, which was the north, and blow the vibhuti in that direction. 

Subita started chanting the Durga Chalisa eleven times a day with the focus entirely on getting a transfer back to Delhi. She spoke to a colleague in Head Office who told her it was Company policy and could not happen before three years.

With dogged determination, Subita spent hours chanting the Durga Chalisa and visualising her return to Delhi.

Suddenly, one day she got a call from Head Office informing her that a new Health Cell of the Company was being set up in Delhi and she was being made the in-charge. The only pre-condition was that she would not claim the transfer grant again since she had been in Indore for only 6 months.

Subita agreed and realised that it was only her invocation to the divine that had brought about this miracle. 

The power of prayers are immense. We only need to believe.

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