Power of Prayer—the Aditya Hriday Stotram

Power of Prayer—the Aditya Hriday Stotram


Aruna had spent her entire life working for a public sector organisation. As her retirement drew closer, she found herself feeling a bit nervous. Public sector Companies were notorious for holding back ones dues at the last moment. Any frivolous complaint, even an anonymous one, would delay the settlement of the dues, till the complaint was investigated and set aside, with a clean chit to the complainant. Since Aruna had not opted for pension, it was crucial for her to get the lump sum payment made by the Company on retirement.

In the course of her career Aruna had made a fair number of enemies. She was a good administrator and a no-nonsense one. Though compassionate by nature, she was intolerant towards shirkers and procrastinators. She was resented by all those who thought a public sector job was for having a good time at the Governments expense. The job security was cashed in upon by all non-workers. Aruna found this intolerable.

She recalled her experience with a young girl who was known for leaving her work pending and slyly giving online tuitions to others. When the complaint reached Aruna’s ears, she had changed the seating arrangement so that the girl’s desk was the first one in the hall and visible from Aruna’s room. Aruna believed in keeping her cabin door open and would always joke that she followed the open-door policy. The office was centrally air conditioned so leaving the door open did not make a difference. This way, she was able to keep an eye on the girl and ensure that her online tuitions work was not possible. However, the girl still kept most of her work pending.

Aruna had been practicing pranayama and meditation in the morning since years. She had always believed that prayer is when you talk to God and meditation is when God talks to you. One morning during meditation she had a brainwave. After reaching office, she ordered a blackboard and some chalk and had the Board put on the side of this girl’s desk. On that she wrote 

Total Files for Processing – 12

Total Files cleared – 0

Now the entire office, including Aruna’s boss could see that the girl was inefficient and disinterested in her work. This became a cause of embarrassment for the girl and she reluctantly started clearing the pending files. Inwardly, she resented Aruna for having compelled her to work.

These were the kind of enemies Aruna had made.

One day a sadhu sauntered into the office and walked into Aruna’s cabin. Professing to be a face reader, he told her “Your retirement is nearing. Be careful. You have made a lot of enemies. Your retirement dues will get held up.”

Aruna answered with bravado that she was not worried and thought that someone had deliberately sent him to frighten her.

Aruna had always been interested in astrology and had a fair knowledge on the subject. She knew that her Rahu Mahadasha was going on and Sun Antara Dasha was about to begin. Rahu and Sun are sworn enemies (Vedic astrology believes that an eclipse occurs when the shadow of Rahu falls on the Sun.)  The Sun stands for government and Rahu for creating mischief.

Aruna decided to pre-empt any problems through prayers. She started playing the Aditya Hriday Stotram on YouTube at home every day. This is a eulogy to the Sun God. It is believed that by reciting this Stotra, Lord Ram achieved victory over Ravana. It was recited by Sage Agastya to Ram on the battlefield before his fight with Ravana. It starts at the beginning of the duel between the two. Chanting or listening to this, aids one in emerging victorious over enemies. 

Gradually, Aruna learnt the entire hymn by heart and started chanting it herself. She would do the entire Stotra, which is fairly long, five times a day. By the time her Rahu-Sun dasha started, she was already deeply immersed in praying to the Sun God.

The result was that she sailed through her retirement and got all her dues on time.

Such is the power of prayers. The prayer which is specific to a particular situation proves very effective in providing protection.