Faith Stories: The House

Faith Stories: The House

Nirupama Dutta

Word Count: 590

Naina loved beautiful houses. While driving, she would glance around at the houses around her and try to visualise their interiors. She would then let her imagination run riot. While returning from her evening walk, she would look up at the sky, sigh, and ask God whether she would ever own a house of her own.

Gradually, during meditation, she started visualising how her own flat would look one day. She would close her eyes and imagine the décor, where she would place a particular item of furniture, the curtains she would choose, the windows she would make, the plants that would grace the balcony and the like. 

Naina lived in a rented flat. She had horrible neighbours who would constantly threaten to tell her landlady not to renew her lease. They resented her keeping to herself and not mixing with them or attending their kitty parties. They hated her for being ‘different.’ If even a drop of water from her first-floor balcony fell in the courtyard of the elderly lady living on the ground floor, she would come to Naina’s house, ring the bell, and threaten her while standing on the landing. Naina was highly stressed out about these occurrences and started appealing to Sai Baba in earnest to show her the way to getting a flat of her own.

She kept her faith alive and stoked it daily with the flame of prayers.

One day, the she saw an advertisement in the papers that Delhi Development Authority had advertised for purchase of flats in five locations, all priced reasonably. Naina had no capital with her. Hers was a single income and she had a school going daughter to raise. It would be a miracle if her name came in the draw of lots and she thought she would then figure out how to pay the instalments. 

Naina applied at two locations, of which one was Vasant Kunj in south Delhi, and the other was at Dwarka in West Delhi. She started praying daily, while meditating on the flat she would own. Her faith fueled her determination to live in her own flat. 

Naina was amazed when she got an allotment at Dwarka of a two-bedroom duplex flat. She applied for a housing loan from the Company and sold some jewellery to pay the instalments. Her dream was still unfulfilled because she would not be able to shift to Dwarka since her daughter’s school and her office were both in south Delhi. Naina refused to let her faith be shaken. She was convinced Baba had a greater purpose in mind. 

At the grocery store of the colony, Naina told the shopkeeper to let her know if any flat in her locality would get vacant. Suddenly one day the shop owner told her that a particular flat, two blocks away from where Naina lived, was being vacated in a month’s time.

Naina went and checked out the flat, liked it, and started negotiating with the landlady.  Meanwhile, with her fingers crossed, Naina put up the Dwarka flat for sale and was able to get an amount which covered the extra cost of a south Delhi flat. The housing loan was repaid and Naina took a fresh loan from a public sector bank to cover the shortfall.

On Baisakhi of the following year, exactly a year since she had started dreaming of her own flat and visualizing the then improbable dream, Naina moved into her very own flat.

She realised the importance of holding onto one’s faith in order to realise a dream.