Faith and the Job

Faith and the Job

Aarti Natarajan Sharma

Roopa had always been very shy even as a child. Part of the reason was her nature and partly it was due to the fact that her mother was always comparing her to her older sister who seemed to be a paragon of virtue! Though the age gap between the two sisters was only three years, Roopa often felt as if her sister Sushma was her mother! 

Roopa grew up lacking confidence in herself. Despite that, she managed to fall in love with Nitin and marry him. There had been tremendous opposition to the marriage since they came from different castes. Nitin was compelled to leave home and take up a separate residence. What remained now was for Roopa to find a job so that they could afford the rent and the cost of a separate establishment.

Roopa may have lacked confidence in herself but one trait which she possessed in full measure was faith. Whenever she was in a dilemma, she would seek answers from within during her morning meditation. Roopa had faith that she would find a job soon. Her prayers would be answered, she believed with all her heart. 

One evening, she, along with Nitin visited his relative, Swaminathan, for tea. Swaminathan was working in an insurance company as a Company Secretary. Over tea, he casually mentioned that the Company was looking for a receptionist and would be soon inviting applications. It seemed like a sign to Roopa and she decided to apply.

There was no response from the Insurance Company for several days. Nitin was convinced she wouldn’t be called for the interview but Roopa held on to her faith. In the meantime, they decided to take a short holiday and go to their ancestral home in Ludhiana for ten days.

One evening, while they were at the Sutlej Club at Ludhiana, Roopa got a call on the landline of the club from Swaminathan, with whom they had left the contact numbers of the house and club. He informed Roopa that her interview was scheduled for the next week. An excited Roopa caught the first train back and started preparing for the interview, meticulously deciding everything right down to what she would wear. 

Roopa was satisfied with her performance in the interview. Two weeks later she was informed that in the final list her name was at Number 3 while the vacancies were only 2. Nitin was crestfallen. They really needed this job to make ends meet.

Roopa refused to be defeated. She remembered one of her favourite quotes by Rabindranath Tagore: 

‘Faith is the bird that feels the light when the dawn is still dark.’ 

Her family was skeptical and asked her to start looking for another job since the vacancies seemed taken up.

However, being highly intuitive by nature and having great faith in her prayers, Roopa waited.

Two weeks later she received another call, this time from the Insurance Company. It so transpired that one of the ladies who had been selected and who was to join that very day had suddenly backed out for some personal reason! Being the next in line, Roopa was asked if she could join immediately.

Roopa recalled that when she had gone for the interview, she had entered the office, looked at the empty Receptionist’s chair, and said to herself that one day she would be sitting in that chair.

It was true. Faith in a higher power did work miracles.