Janmashtmi and Gift Ideas for Your Loved Ones

Janmashtmi and Gift Ideas for Your Loved Ones

Deepthi K

Janmashtami marks the celebration of Lord Krishna, the eighth avatar of Lord Vishnu. Janma means birth and Ashtami represents the eighth day. The festival is also known by other names such as Krishna Jayanti, Krishna Janmashtami and Gokulashtami across different parts of the country. It typically falls on the eighth day of the dark fortnight towards the end of August.

Hindus generally fast on the day before Janmashtami and break their fast at midnight, which is considered to be the hour the lord was born. They sing songs in his praise or recite hymns from the Krishna chalisa on this occasion. Dahi Handi, preparation of traditional sweets and flying kites are some other celebrations carried out with pomp and gaiety to mark this occasion.

Let us now look at some gift ideas to present your loved ones on Janmashtami.

Krishna Sculptures and Idols

This is one of the most common gifts that you can consider giving on Janmashtami. Sculptures and idols are available in various sizes and colours. They are also available in different materials such as silver, brass, or gold or a combination like panchaloha featuring five metals. 

You can either an idol of Krishna alone or a Radha Krishna idol. The choice can also be based on what best meets your budget.

Copy of Bhagavad Gita

The Bhagavad Gita is an excellent choice for an elderly person who is an ardent lord Krishna devotee. This holy book details the teachings of the lord to Arjuna in the Kurukshetra battlefield, reminding him of his duties and responsibilities without worrying about the end result. 

You can also gift the person a copy of the Krishna chalisa  or a book with shlokas dedicated to the deity. 

Sweets or Dry Fruits

You can consider gifting some homemade sweets if you do not want to buy something. Lord Krishna is believed to love milk, curd, and butter very much. Thus, it’s a good idea someone sweets like kheer, shrikhand or makhan mishri. You can pair this with a savoury item such as fried rice balls or a dish made using flattened rice. These two items are also believed to be among the god’s favourites.

If you wish to gift something other than the usual sweets and savouries, you can think of getting a box of assorted dry fruits and nuts.

Pooja Samagri

The pooja samagri is yet another thoughtful gift that is worth looking at as an option to gift on Janmashtami. This is a pooja kit that contains all the basic items needed for a pooja on Janmashtami day. Not all pooja samagri kits have the same number and list of items. However, all of them have some of the basic items like turmeric powder, kumkum, oil and wicks.

The cost of a pooja samagri varies depending on the contents included in the kit.

Gift Cards

A gift card is a great option especially when you live far away from your loved ones and cannot give them a gift in person. This is also a suitable option if you have no idea what the person would like. The card will help him/her buy what he/she likes and will value your thoughtfulness.  

You can check out gift cards with a photo of Krishna in any form on it. They come with different price tags and you can gift a card that is within your means.

Silver Coin

You can give a silver coin with a picture of the lord embossed on it. Most jewellery stores have silver coins in different weights for you to take your pick. Give the coin in a beautifully wrapped gift box.

Wall Hangings and Photo Frames

A wall hanging with the picture of the god is a good idea as it can help to generate an auspicious ambience in the home of the person receiving the gift. A photo of the lord fitted in an elegant frame is a good substitute for a wall hanging.

The choice of gifts for Janmashtami is limitless. However, it is recommended that you opt for a gift related to the occasion. This helps to keep the spirit of the festival alive. A receiver who is a devotee of the lord, will truly appreciate your gesture.