Tales from the Gita—Krishna and the Little Boy

Tales from the Gita—Krishna and the Little Boy

Aarti Natarajan Sharma

Lord Krishna inspires great faith. The following story is just one of hundreds, portraying unwavering faith in Lord Krishna. 

A mother and her five-year-old son were living in a dense jungle. The mother was a great devotee of Lord Krishna. The boy’s school was on the other side of a dangerous forest. On the first day of school, the mother accompanied the child to school and back but it was not possible for her to do so on a daily basis.

The child was petrified of walking alone through the jungle and wanted to drop out of school. To make him feel more confident, the mother told him a tale and told him to call out to his brother each time he felt scared. The boy was doubtful but agreed. Next day, on his way to school, he again felt scared in the forest. He remembered his mother’s words from the previous day and called out to his brother. Nobody appeared. He called again. All of a sudden, a boy emerged from behind the trees. It was none other than Lord Krishna. The little boy was fascinated at having a brother and kept chattering with him along the way, his fears about the forest forgotten. 

The little boy went home and told his mother about meeting his older brother in the forest.  He was very happy at being accompanied to school. The mother was taken aback. She had conjured up the concept of an older brother only to make her son feel less afraid. She had no idea who this boy was. Thinking about it, she realised that this was a miracle and it was actually Lord Krishna who had turned her words into reality. Her faith had been rewarded. 

This phenomenon continued for several days. Daily, Lord Krishna would accompany the little boy to school and back.

One day, the school decided to host a feast and every child was asked to bring a dish which would feed a hundred people. Upon hearing this, his mother was upset. They were poor and barely had enough to make ends meet. How would she find the resources to make a meal for so many persons? The son was sad seeing his mother upset. To cheer him up, she told him to ask his elder brother for help. 

The next day during the walk through the forest the boy asked the older boy if he could help him provide food for the feast. The older boy handed over a small pot of curd. The boy looked at the small pot and wondered how the curd in it would be enough to feed a hundred people. However, since it was better than taking nothing for the feast, he took the pot of curd.

At the feast, all the children offered their dishes and the little boy was embarrassed at his small offering. However, as the curd was being served, it was found that the pot kept getting full. No matter how many servings were taken, the quantity of curd didn’t finish. Everyone was wonderstruck to see this miracle! The teacher asked the boy from where he had got the pot of curd. The boy said his older brother had given it to him. The teacher then expressed a desire to meet the older brother.

They left for the forest. The little boy called out as he usually did but nobody appeared. He kept calling but there was no-one. The teacher scolded him for making up stories. She was so furious that she asked him not to come to school anymore. The little boy burst into tears. Suddenly a voice was heard from among the trees.

The voice said “your mother’s love and your faith brought me to you; but tell these teachers they will have to wait a long time to see me.”

Faith cannot be taught or learned. It either exists or it doesn’t. True faith is one that stands the test of all challenges but remains firm and resolute. 


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